Life List, A Perpetual Draft

1. Visit India during Holi with my mom
2. Live in another country for a year or more
3. Own land
4. Whisk Steve away on a surprise vacation
5. See the hot air balloons in Albuquerque
6. Paint a mural in my home
7. Be someone’s mama
8. Have a solo art show
9. Start my own business
10. Build + stain a farm table
11. Visit Machu Picchu
12. Buy a Westfalia and roadtrip/camp with my children in the summer
13. Throw a big annual party
14. Adopt a dog
15. Memorize a Mary Oliver poem
16. Get another tattoo (or you know, four)
17. Write Steve a love letter every year on our anniversary, collect them in a beautiful box
18. Give an awesome wedding toast
19. Make homemade marshmallows and hot cocoa with my kids
20. Can vegetables I’ve grown myself
21. Own a hot tub
22. Mosaic a fireplace
23. Learn another partner dance with my husband
24. Eat at the French Laundry
25. Raise chickens
26. Bike across Italy
27. Build/have a window seat
28. Rock my baby to sleep on a porch swing
29. Make an earthquake plan / emergency kit
30. Learn electrical wiring
31. See Greece & Turkey
32. Practice keeping Shabbat
33. Be published
34. Collect colorful vintage servingware
35. Learn to make a killer martini, bloody mary, mojito and old fashioned
36. Have an art studio
37. Attend TED
38. Backpack Southeast Asia
39. Be a Peace Corps Volunteer
40. Read 2,500 books
41. Visit Petra & Marrakesh
42. Have an amazing costume trunk
43. Learn wood-working and make something beautiful
44. Find a spiritual community that feels like home
45. Taste whiskey distilled in each of the 50 states
46. Have an open, standing family dinner every week
47. No meat, cradle to grave
48. Get a Master’s degree
49. Bike a century
50. Make an heirloom for each of my children
51. Organize & tag my photos in some discernible way
52. Write a novel
53. Build a treehouse in the back yard with my kids
54. Throw a beach picnic for my birthday
55. Invent & name a cocktail
56. Have a signature scent
57. Do yoga 30 days in a row
58. Make pita bread from scratch – I do this often now (and naan, and sandwich bread and french loaves – see here)
59. Make homemade ginger beer

I’ve been working on this for months (or more accurately, my whole life) and it’s still nowhere close to done (working my way up to 100).

Publishing it anyways because I was inspired by Maggie.

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours? Let’s make this happen, people.